Thursday, May 23, 2013

Export a SOA project from the FMW Console

Once projects deployed, they surely show up on the FMW Console but is the reverse possible? I mean is it possible to get the code of the project back from the deployed project that you see on the FMW console? Fortunately yes, it is possible. Follow the below steps to achieve the same.

- Navigate to your composite in FMW console and in the SOA Composite menu on top middle click Export.

- Choose the default option Option 1 and click again Export.You can try with other options too though.

- It will extract your project in .jar file and offer you to save it. Save the file to your local machine.
- Extract this jar file using Winzip into some directory and it'll create the files of your project. Note : There is no project (.jpr) or application (.jws) file still after extraction.
- Hence, you need to create a dummy application or you can use any existing application to create a New project in Jdeveloper with the same name as of your composite. In my case, HelloWorld.
- Once the project is created, copy the contents of the extracted directory above into the new project directory from the physical location.
- Refresh your project from Jdeveloper after copying and It's ready.

Very small but useful learning originated from someone's question.


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