Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Part 1: How to configure the Node Manager to start Admin and Managed Servers

Before you can use the Node Manager utility, you need to configure/verify the Node Manager. 
  • For this start the Admin Server as usual by running the <Middleware_home>\user_projects\domains\soa_domain\startWebLogic.cmd.
  • Go to Weblogic Console and navigate to Machines-->LocalMachine-->Configuration Tab-->Node Manager Tab. Specify the ListenAddress (where Node Manager will run) and ListenPort as per you installation. By default the port is 5556. Be sure to provide the exact URL/Host name in ListenAddress as localhost will disallow starting the servers from remote location. See below image.

  • Go to <Middleware_home>\wlserver_10.3\common\nodemanager\ Set StartScriptEnabled=true.
  • Start WLST from <Middleware_home>\wlserver_10.3\common\bin\wlst.cmd in a separate command prompt window. You can double click on the wlst.cmd also to start WLST.
  • Once WLST starts, connect to Admin Server from the WLST console. To connect type the connect() command on the WLST console and press Enter. Accept defaults or provide inputs as required. Once it connects successfully, the WLST prompt will change to wls:/mydomain/serverConfig>.
  • Now type nmEnroll(<Middleware_home>\user_projects\domains\soa_domain). This command enrolls the current machine with the Node Manager and creates some properties file (,SerializedSystemIni.dat).
  • If the message displays as "Successfully enrolled this machine with the domain directory at", Enrollment is successful. 
  • Exit from the WLST console using the exit() command and shut down your Admin Server and Close the Browser Console window.
  • Node Manager is configured. Further, to start the Admin and Managed Servers from this Node Manager, refer to this post. 


  1. HI Neeraj thanks for the post.. i am able to install aiafp successfully but .... when i am creating mds connection

    and i am not able to see..

  2. Hi,

    I tried configuring node manager following above procedure and i can say that i am success with it and in admin console under machine i am able see node manager status as Reachable. But when i tried to start manage server soa_server1 then i am getting below error
    WARNING: Exception while starting server 'soa_server1' Cannot run program "E:\Oracle\MiddleWare\wlserver_10.3\comm
    on\bin\bin\startWebLogic.cmd" (in directory "E:\Oracle\MiddleWare\wlserver_10.3\
    common\bin"): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
    at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.WLSProcessImpl.start(
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.WLSProcess.startProcess(
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.AbstractServerMonitor.startWLSProcess_inn
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.AbstractServerMonitor.startWLSProcess(Abs
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.AbstractServerMonitor.start(AbstractServe
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.ServerMonitor.start(
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.AbstractServerManager.startServer(Abstrac
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.AbstractServerManager.start(AbstractServe
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.ServerManager.start(
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.Handler.handleStart(
    at weblogic.nodemanager.server.Handler.handleCommand(
    Caused by: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find th
    e file specified
    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.create(Native Method)
    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.(
    at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(
    at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(
    ... 13 more

    It would be great if you can help me with this.


  3. Thank you Neeraj, It really helped me alot

  4. Nice post Neeraj,
    DearNeeraj I faced a problem when i run the step nmEnroll(\user_projects\domains\soa_domain)

    In my case it is nmEnroll(C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain_migratable)

    It gives the following error
    wls:/base_domain_migratable/serverConfig> nmEnroll(C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_pro
    Traceback (innermost last):
    (no code object) at line 0
    File "", line 1
    SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    Please help!

    1. use the address within single quotes and use double slash e.g. nmEnroll('C:\\Oracle\\Middleware\\user_projects\\domains\\base_domain_migratable')

  5. First we have to configure the nodemanager password on weblogic admin server domain->secureity and advance there you can see the credetials for nodemanager... by default credentials are there ... change those credentials according to your remembering ..added admin and managed server to nodemanager... then connect nodemanager start admin and managed servers.. through nodemanager..

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